I want bruises like THESE, Sir!

Her salvation depends on how she handles my cock.

Giving the kitties something to play with…..instantly.


Chokefuck that bitch…

princess loves this…

His hand moves lightly into her hair and around her head as she licks and sucks him hungrily. “Now hold that shaft up and let me see you lick it slave,” he orders her with firmness. Lifting it up in her hand she leans in and runs her tongue up the length of his shaft and back down licking him and sucking her lips lightly on it as she goes. “Mmmm yes that’s it my slave run your lips and tongue up and down the sides,” hearing that she readily complies. She licks it all over while letting her lips glide along until she reaches the tip where she instinctively sucks hard and slow to give her Master as much pleasure as she can. “Now take your Master’s balls in your other hand slave and caress them while you suck.” She brings her other hand up lightly cupping his full sack feeling the two heavy spheres inside. She caresses them lightly still licking up and down his shaft showing her Master her tongue while kissing and sucking his increasingly hardened cock.


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This blog hasn’t got a single note in 3 weeks… What am I doing wrong? What can I change?


My will to keep you plugged all day.

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